To The Moon…… and Back?

moon in dark night sky

We all look at the moon in the night sky and long to be on it because it’s the only source of light we see when everything is dark. The moon follows us, but it never comes down to us. It taunts us with its presence. Some go to any lengths to reach the moon, we’ll leave what we have on this Earth because in the darkness we can’t see what we possess, the people around us. So we find a way to fly to the moon and it feels amazing. There are no responsibilities, we can float around and there is light. But then the moon rotates and light begins to disappear until we are engulfed in darkness. There is nothing on the moon, no people, just you by yourself on the dark side of the moon, the side you couldn’t see from the Earth. All you have is what took you to the moon, but it doesn’t really do much anymore, it just helps pass time. But even using it to pass the time isn’t enough to get through that dark moon phase. It doesn’t feel like a phase anymore, it feels permanent.

You’re completely alone. No family, no friends, nothing. Only the gravestones of those that perished there to remind you that you will too if you stay.

You start to remember the people who were there for you on Earth, but you struggle to reach out to them, they seem so distant, and it seems like they can’t see you either. Between is a deep, empty, dark space that you must float through, and it looks so scary. Even if hiding behind the moon isn’t great, it seems comfortable compared to jumping into the cold emptiness of space back towards Earth where your memories weren’t great, and there’s no sugar-coating it because that is what it is. But new memories can be made, darkness is everlasting if you stay in it. So leap into the emptiness, the coldness, because there’s no other way back to Earth.

That rock, powder, pill, etc, might take you to the moon, but the way back isn’t simple. It’s empty, cold, dark, and lonely.

“High on amphetamines
The moon is a light bulb breaking
It’ll go around with anyone
But it won’t come down for anyone
And I won’t come down for anyone” – Elliott Smith

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